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Osceola, Nebraska

Mobile Food Vendor Permits

The City of Osceola encourages the coexistence of Mobile Food Vendors and permanent food establishments. By providing appropriate places for each within the fabric of the city we can accommodate the interests of each. The goal is to achieve a rich and vibrant community that many want to visit and reside in. Per Ordinance 691, Sections 5-209-5-216 of the Osceola Municipal Code, Mobile Food Vendors operating within the City of Osceola are required to have a current Mobile Food Vendor Permit.

A Mobile Food Vendor shall not sell, offer to sell or provide food from City Park property, other than the designated Food Truck Court on the south side of the City Park. Mobile Food Vendors may only locate at one of the two designated parking stalls at the Food Truck Court on the south side of the City Park, on the date approved on the Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application. A maximum of 2 Mobile Food Vendors are allowed to operated at the Food Truck Court per day. A Mobile Food Vendor may operate at the Food Truck Court only one time per week. A signed Mobile Food Vendor Waiver is also required for all Mobile Food Vendors. 


Please see the Food Truck Court calendar for dates! Contact the Osceola City Office for more information. 

Peddler/Itinerant Merchant/Solicitor/Temporary Merchant/Street Vendor Permits


Any peddler, itinerant merchant, solicitor, temporary merchant, or street vendor is required to apply at the City Office for a Transient Sales License and pay the $100.00 per month permit/occupational tax.


Contact the City Office for more information.

Building Permits

A building permit is required prior to construction work. All permits must be approved and fees paid before any construction work begins. Please contact the City Office or Zoning Administrator for information. 

NOTE: CALL DIGGERS HOTLINE (811 or 1 (800) 331-5666) BEFORE YOU DIG.

Click the links below for the building permit application and fee schedule.

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Fee Schedule

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