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Peddler/Itinerant Merchant/Solicitor/Temporary Merchant/Street Vendor Permits


Any peddler, itinerant merchant, solicitor, temporary merchant, or street vendor is required to apply at the City Office for a Transient Sales License and pay the $100.00 per month permit.


Contact the City Office for more information.

Building Permits


A building permit is required prior to construction work. All permits must be approved and fees paid before any construction work begins. Please contact the City Office or Zoning Administrator for information.

NOTE: CALL DIGGERS HOTLINE at 811 or 1 (800) 331-5666 BEFORE YOU DIG.

Click the links below for the building permit application and fee schedule.

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Fee Schedule

Tree Planting Permits

Required by Municipal Code Section 6-104 for planting tree(s) within the city right-of-way (which is sometimes described as the area between the sidewalk and the city street). Applications can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Tree Planting Permit Application 

Pet Permits

Effective July 12, 2017 the following rates are in effect:


Fines for dogs running at large:

  • First Offense: $10.00 (plus court costs)

  • Second Offense: $50.00 (plus court costs)

  • Third Offense: $100.00 (plus court costs)


Dog Impounding Charges:

  • First Offense: $50.00

  • Second Offense: $75.00

  • Third Offense: $100.00

The above impounding charges will be DOUBLED if the dog does not have a current license from the City of Osceola affixed to its collar.


Boarding Charges on Impounded Dogs:

  • $10.00 per day

If the dog is boarded for only part of a day, the partial day will be treated as a full day.

All fines, impounding, boarding and licensing fees must be paid prior to the release of the dog.

Summary of Pet Ownership Information

Pet License Requirements

All dogs & cats living within the Osceola City limits must be licensed every year with the City of Osceola. The annual cost is $11.25 per animal and is due by April 30th. You must bring a copy or your receipt from your veterinarian to the office to show the animal is current on all of its shots. THE FACT THAT YOU MAY KEEP YOUR PET INDOORS AT ALL TIMES DOES NOT MEAN YOU DO NOT NEED TO LICENSE YOUR PET. ALL DOGS & CATS NEED A PET LICENSE FROM THE CITY.


  • Fee for Failure to License and Register - $50

  • Fee for Failure to Vaccinate for Rabies - $50


Dog and Cat License Application Form

Kennel Permits

Keeping more than 2 dogs at one time over the age of 3 months requires a kennel permit.  Contact the City Clerk for the requirements.

City Ban of Certain Breeds of Dogs

As of June 19, 2008 ownership of the following breeds of dogs are not allowed within the city limits: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Chows, Doberman, Rottweiler, American Bandogge Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff or any dogs having the appearance and characteristics of being predominately one or more of these breeds.


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